Why good documentation?

All too many companies see documentation as a necessary expense. However, good documentation can not only pay for itself, but also amplifies the value of your product or service.

Unlocks the power of your product
Well-written instructions increase the usability of your product or service by explaining how to make full, effective use of all its features. Many hi-tech products contain superb features that many users never use because they cannot figure out how to use them, or worse, they don’t even know they exist.

Add value to your product
Good documentation and content are an essential part of the complete package, not an afterthought or last-minute addition. You designed your product or service with high design values and attention to detail and you should apply the same standards to your documentation content.

Sell more products
Good documentation increases customer satisfaction and therefore loyalty. Satisfied customers are  more likely to buy more from you, both now and in the future.

Reduce product support
High quality user-oriented content is the most cost-effective way of reducing user errors, thus reducing the workload of your help-desk and support departments.

Build confidence in your quality
Customers often subconsciously judge the quality of your product by your documentation content. They will conclude, however incorrectly, that the standard of the content applies to the product as well.

Deliver on your promise
Good documentation enables your customers to achieve the results that your advertising promised.

Why outsource?

Creating content about things that are new to us is what we do. And we are good at it. Our broad experience has included situations similar to yours and we use it to work efficiently. Here are some of the reasons our customers chose us.

Free-up resources needed for product development
Producing content in-house often leads to key members of staff working with tasks they have no training for, and possibly no aptitude either.

Familiarity breeds blindness
Developers often know the product so well that they cannot appreciate what users find difficult to understand. As outsiders, we can see the product from the customer’s point of view and customise the information accordingly.

Costs are better defined
In-house resources can seldom calculate the workload for documentation. Using our extensive experience, we provide pretty accurate estimates for each documentation project so you can know how the budget will be affected.

Cater for fluctuations in demand
When the need suddenly arises, we can bring a team of qualified and experienced technical writers who will produce better documentation more efficiently than in-house resources could.

Our satisfied customers recommend the way we work
All of our customers think that the documentation we have produced for them was a huge improvement in quality, both in regard to how it was customized and how it was structured. They also appreciate the efficiency and conformity that the Wordsmyth methodology provides.

Check out our 4-minute introduction here, to how we approach content creation.