We have helped, amongst others, these companies with their technical documentation needs:

Pricer – revision of the operations manual for the latest release and an analysis of current and future documentation needs

Point – documentation of all back-office operation and maintenance processes and procedures required for PCI-DSS compliance; creation of user, operations and support manuals for a new communication platform.

Telecommunications company – review, re-organisation and adaption of branding information.

Thermo-Calc – revision of existing documentation material as well as creation of additional material to produce complete user, installation and technical manuals for all Thermo-Calcs software products.

Datanet – production of technical documentation for several of Datanets customers.

TDC – producing user documentation and customer-facing information; creating documentation standards and templates; restructuring existing documentation to the new standards; language review of English texts, translation Swedish to English.

Cinode – converting consultant CVs into digital profiles; translation Swedish to English.